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We adopt a child-led approach, encouraging young toddlers to take the lead in their learning and build learning around their interests. At our educational pre school in Clapham, we facilitate your child in exploring their interests through play, making education fun. We follow the Montessori model, offering natural, open-ended resources for your child to explore and engage with, growing in confidence and independence.

Our early years nursery in Clapham is designed to set your child up with the social and educational footing they need to progress onto the next stage in their early years education with confidence. Give your Little Learner the head-start they deserve!


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Session Times

8.00 - 9.00: Early Bird drop off

9.00 -12.00: Monday – Friday during the term times.

Lunch Club: 12.00 – 1.00

PM Sessions: 1.00 – 5.00 

Summer Camp: 8.30 -1.00 





The Routine

We encourage fluidity and independence at our early years nursery in Clapham, within a well-defined framework that encourages your child to flourish and learn.

Here's what you can expect:

Free Play 

Your Little Learners are free to explore our classroom, with the support of their Key Worker, making independent choices and gaining vital language, social and fine motor skills. This includes an adult-led table, providing opportunities for sensory exploration and expressive arts and design.

Circle Time/Self-Registration/Handwashing/Snack Time/Story Time 

Each child is welcomed to our session, where we'll discuss the learning objectives and topics of focus for the term. Children are encouraged to recognise their name tag and independently wash their hands, before sitting at the table to enjoy a healthy snack together. They'll learn to make independent food choices and try new foods.

Outside Play 

Another opportunity to make play choices at Little Learners, providing lots of opportunities for gross motor exploration and creative peer play. We also have opportunities for structured outside activities to include tennis, ball play, assault courses, bubbles and chalk. Engaging with nature is a key part of the curriculum at our early years nursery in Clapham.

Focus Time 

The children spend time in small groups, engaged in activities which support their next steps in learning. Examples of activities include: Bingo and matching games, Floor puzzles, Duplo/Lego Bricks, woodwork, Jolly Phonic lessons, counting, numeral and shape recognition, ordering and sequencing. All of this promotes critical thinking, turn taking and sharing; giving each Little Learner a head start in their next educational steps.

Music and Movement 

This section provides opportunities for self-expression through musical exploration. At our early years nursery in Clapham, it includes action songs, expressive dance and movement, musical instrument play, parachute games, ring games, group games, mindfulness and yoga.

Final Circle Time 

A perfect end to a fun-packed day at Little Learners. Children wind down, listening and contributing to this whole-group session, which includes; show and tell sessions with items from home, boosting confidence and self-esteem; flash cards, encouraging shape and numeral recognition, as well as a recap of learning objectives and current topics, with the use of rhymes, books and songs.



Term Dates

Autumn 2024

14 Weeks

Inset Days

2nd & 3rd September -
Closed to children

Open to children

Wednesday 4th September

Half term break

Monday 28th October -
Friday 1st November  

Last day of term

Friday 13th December

Spring 2025

12 Weeks

Inset Days

6th & 7th January

Open to children

Wednesday 8th January

Half term break

Monday 17th February -
Friday 21st February

Last day of term 

Friday 4th April

Summer 2024

12 Weeks

Inset Days

15th & 16th April

Open to children 

Wednesday 17th April

Half term break 

Monday 27th May -
Friday 31st May  

Last day of term

Friday 12th July




Morning session: 9.00 - 12.00

£40 per session

Afternoon session: 1.00 - 5.00 (Flexible collection times)

£10 per hour 

Additional Fees

Early Bird drop off from 8.00 |  £10 per day

Early bird drop off from 8.30    |  £5 per day

Lunch Club 12.00 - 1.00  |  £10 per club 

Full Day from 8.30 - 5.00 |  £90 per day

Holding fee   |  £10 per day


Term invoices are divided by two and payments made every half term.





“Thank you for nurturing and teaching Isabella so well and for encouraging her to thrive. We are so happy we found Little learners – it is such a warm, happy, kind environment. Isabella has developed so much. We are really thankful for all the thought and planning that you put into the setting.

Thank you for creating a safe home from home caring nursery which Isabella cannot wait to attend each morning.”

Freya & Hector | July 2022



Watch Them Grow and Learn with Pride at Little Learners

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