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A Unique Opportunity for Very Young Toddlers

Little Learners offer structured play sessions for children aged from 15 months, providing opportunities for early socialisation in a language-rich environment.  We are a family orientated business offering fun, relaxed play sessions where children are encouraged to learn through play, boost confidence and form lasting friendships.

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A Head Start

Little Learners is an educational preschool in Clapham catering solely to the unique needs of very young toddlers.  We provide opportunities for young toddlers to experience a structured preschool experience within gentle child led practice.  Our curriculum has been carefully designed around the needs of young toddlers providing a unique opportunity for early socialisation enhancing independence, boosting confidence and enriching language.


Our Mission

 To enhance early socialisation and language through the provision of high-quality educational play opportunities for young toddlers providing solid foundations for life-long learning.



Our Ethos

 “Being appreciated, useful and capable are all factors of enormous value for the human soul.”

- Maria Montessori


 At Little Learners we adopt a Montessori approach encouraging problem solving, active participation and a ‘can do' attitude. 

We use a variety of natural, open-ended resources presented in calm well-ordered play environments. Your child takes the lead in their learning, we help to facilitate that by trusting their natural interests and individual learning style. All in all, providing solid foundation needed for life-long learning.




Our Sessions Plans and Term Dates

Each session is designed to equip our Little Learners with an enriched curriculum of skills and experiences. They'll learn to make healthy, independent choices in varied fun filled sessions. Click below to find out more about how our sessions are structured.

Sessions and Dates 



 Why Become A Little Learner?

Educational Pre School  in Clapham


“The more that you learn the more places you'll go”
Dr. Suess

At Little Learners, we understand the importance of early education in developing positive attitudes to lifelong learning. We follow the early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and include the 3 prime areas of learning in every morning session. Find out more on About page (link)

Giving toddlers opportunities to learn in a preschool environment such as Little Learners at such a young age provides a head start by equipping them with essential skills which enable effortless progression throughout their early years education.   

Our educational preschool in Clapham; Little Learners makes learning fun, encouraging your little ones to grow, learn and thrive.


“Play provides opportunities to practice what we are learning”
Fred Rogers

Play encourages the formation of a healthy inquisitive nature, leading to a greater capacity to learn later on. Play encourages imagination, problem solving and creativity.

Our Little Learners have plenty of opportunities for role play, group play, focused play, creative play, sensory play, messy play - play in all forms. Our educational preschool in Clapham steer an ambitious curriculum towards exposing our Little Learners to an array of exciting play experiences and adventures.


"Social skills are born though play"

Amber Brown 

At Little Learners, we understand the importance of early socialisation and interaction with other children; it is a vital part of child development, bosting self-esteem and wellbeing. 

Social interaction with peers gives children opportunities to gain independence, develop communication skills as well as form friendships and bonds with others.

Our educational preschool in Clapham provides plenty of opportunities for this, giving your child the perfect start.



Where You'll Find Us


Little Learners Clapham

St Michael's Church
Cobham Close
SW11 6SP





“Thank you for being the best starting point Alexander could ever have for his education. Your fantastic staff create such a nurturing, affectionate, fun environment for the children I am certain this infusion of positivity will have a lasting impact on his school life.

He has learnt so much from practical skills, to numbers, colours, letters and more. You have helped him grow intellectually and emotionally. You are extraordinary, we are hugely grateful for your commitment to developing young minds.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Celina & Gerry | July 2022



Learn, Play and Grow

Choose Little Learners and see your child flourish.
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