Covid19: Our Response.

Prior to reopneing of our settings in June 2020 we sought advice from the Department of Education and Public Health England to ensure we put measures in place to protect the safety and wellbeing of all our stakeholders. 


We have carried out rigorous Risk Assessments and continue to do so in order to ensure our operational plans and proceedures comply with the latest advice on minimising the risks of Covid-19. The main changes we have put inplace include:


 - Staggered start and end times to encorage social distancing outside our settings. 

 - Increasing our hygine practices:  All toys and equipment are sterilised at the end of each session.  Art supplies, stationary and malleable play is handled within small bubbles of children, no larger than 6.

 - Greater use of our outside areas with the creation of our outside classrooms.

 - Temporary closure of our large sandpit in Balham.

 - The prohibition of any outside visitors into our settings before or during our nursery sessions. 

 - Regualr risk asessments on the health status of our staff team.

 - Greater communications with parenmts regarding childrens health including advice and updates on Covid-19 signs symtoms, this includes regualr temperature checks of all children during our session. 


Little Learners Clapham- Our ‘New Normal’ Video
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Little Learners Balham- Our ‘New Normal’ Video
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